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BioDna Test
This is an analysis of your general wellness and a homoeopathic prescription for your general health.
You must consult your own medical experts first. This test is meant to complement
proper medical attention, not to replace it! It’s not a medical test.
But if you have problems the doctors haven’t solved, perhaps this treatment may help you.
Practitioner Ronnie Turner has been doing this test, for some 40 years and has taught Bio-Resonance methods for some 30 years.

This test is done for you with a Bio-Resonance machine, using an energy link or “witness” to tune into your energy field. Typically we use a digital picture of the subject or a hair sample.

If you are applying for a test, please send your picture first and also put the hair sample in the post. We mainly use the hair sample when making special nosodes or homoeopathic vaccines, individualised to your DNA.

We first of all get a General Score for Your Health.
The lower you are on the Vitality Scale (0 to 25 ) the more toxic your system is.
So as your treatment proceeds, we can see how you’re responding, or not.

We all have a level of infections, poisons, viruses and general toxins in our bodies. There comes a stage when this toxicity overcomes your body’s immune system. Then you become ill.
In homoeopathy, we use homoeopathic vaccines to knock out the various levels of infection and toxicity.

That’s what we are testing your sample for…the exact vaccines you need to clear out the top layer of infection each time. Your entire energy field is represented in any DNA test.

We send you bottles of homoeopathic remedies, exactly tested for you, plus a written report.

Apart from the Toxicity, these are the main headings we address:

  1. The level of Nutritional Deficit , on a scale from 1 to 10.
  2. the Allergy Factor, on a scale from 1 to 10.

3.The Level of Blockage on the Mental and Emotional Level.

People typically need a series of treatment, depending on how depleted, toxic or poisoned their systems are.
1.Of course,without proper nutrition, you cannot recover fully. So we test the level of nutritional deficiency.

  1. If you’re eating rhe wrong foods, they’re a poison to your body. So we test your food sensitivities. We do not undertake to diagnose medical allergies, of the anaphalactic kind. We can only test you for food or environmental sensitivities or intolerances, to allow you to proceed with elimination procedures.
  2. If you’ve never processed the traumas of your life , your vital power is continually sapped and you are not realising your full potential as a human being. So we need to check the level of blockage on your emotional level and endeavour to help you by non-invasive, natural approaches.
    Thank you for your order for a bioresonance test.
    We’ll need a digital photo of you and a hair sample.
    Any pic of yourself, nothing specially posed, just whatever
    you have on your computer or mobile phone.
    Send it to us on whatsapp, to the number below
    or to email
    The hair sample goes to 13 cunningham park,cornelscourt,
    foxrock, co. dublin D18 VY26.

To book and pay for the test, this is the online link:
Alternatively you can pay through paypal. Our paypal payee address is
Or ring our office between 9 am and 1 pm any day and ask for valerie, to pay by credit card. Tel. 01 2893147

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best regards Ronnie Turner ( Dr of Wholistic Health Sciences)

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